Who We Are

For thousands of years this plant has been known for its amazing healing powers, but technology in our last decade has allowed us to identify the powerful attributes of the plant and create amazing and natural products with them. Providing you with the highest quality and scientifically advanced hemp oil based products is our goal and promise.

Our hemp based products are formulated by a team of scientists and biologists who are passionate about creating products for maximum benefits and ease of consumption. Changing lives is inevitable with these amazing products. Healing bodies and saving lives is something we feel is worth caring about. Through our extraction process, we combine the best parts of the plant to provide the optimum formulas of terpenes, essential fatty acids, cannabinoids and many other phytonutrients found in our full spectrum oils and creams.. Most people talk only about the cannabinoids and terpenoids, but hemp also contains many other pigments, proteins, vitamins and minerals, essential sugars, enzymes, antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenol, and essential fatty acids that aide in cell regeneration, assist those with anxiety, arthritis, skin conditions, pain and many other ailments.

The “Mother” Of All Super Plants

With literally hundreds of nutrients contained in the hemp plant… we consider it the “superhero” of the plant world. We have taken it a step further and deemed it the “mother” of all super plants, hence our name Mother Jane, a trusted brand with a commitment to excellence. You will taste and feel this in every drop of our products. We thank you for supporting our journey to heal the world, and we encourage you to share your Mother Jane experience with us.

Why Choose Us

Highest Quality
Organic Ingredients

Natural Healing

Safest Medical

How can I get it?


Hemp oil products can be purchased from our online store and shipped directly to all 50 states. Contact our customer support team at 480-773-2314 to learn more.