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What is Hemp Oil?

First discovered in the late 1980’s, the Cannabidiol (CBD) helps to regulate the body’s general state of balance, also known as homeostasis, by assisting it with influencing mood, sleep patterns, appetite, hormone regulation, and pain and immune response. The daily stresses of life, past injuries, or just our general environment around us can affect our normal balance; hemp oil helps bring the body back in line by mediating the body’s reaction to keep it level.

Hemp oil is a relatively new, all natural product derived from hemp that has been proven to have numerous medical and health benefits to its users. Unlike its closely related cousin marijuana which is grown to optimize tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, this oil is from hemp plants that are high in Cannabidiol (CBD) and extremely low in THC. While THC is infamous for its psychoactive effects, CBD is known for containing numerous medicinal properties without inducing the mental state associated with marijuana.

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Why use Hemp Oil?

Think of hemp oil as the pole utilized by a tightrope walker; he or she uses the pole to help them maintain balance and prevent themselves from falling while walking on a narrow line. Similarly, hemp oil helps your body to keep its general state of equilibrium by helping with hormone regulation, sleep patterns, mood, and aches and pains, enabling you to walk your day to day tightrope with complete confidence.

In addition to positively affecting the body’s homeostasis, hemp oil and CBD has been researched by experts in more than 23,000 published studies about cannabinoids in relation to various medical issues including cancer, anxiety, inflammation, epilepsy, and chronic pain. These studies discovered that hemp oil had a positive effect on how the body dealt with these ailments, either by suppressing the pain associated with the ailment or even by helping to eliminate it in some cases.

Hemp Oil Products

Our products are all natural and made from the finest ingredients, allowing you to use them with complete confidence in their benefit to your body’s delicate ecosystem.

The Benefits of Hemp Oil

Since the discovery of its primary ingredient CBD in the late 1980’s, numerous studies have been done to discover all of the benefits that hemp oil has to offer to the human body. Hemp oil has been proven to help with pain regulation, improving mood, increasing cognitive function, promoting a strong immune system, deepening sleep, and even appetite control. Additionally, researchers discovered that hemp oil has a positive effect on the body’s ability to combat numerous mental and physical ailments, including (but certainly not limited to) depression, arthritis, certain cancers, chronic inflammation/pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and even menstrual cramps! Hemp oil can help combat the symptoms or the sources of over 130 different diseases and afflictions.

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Difference Between Hemp Oil
Products and Marijuana

Most simply put, while marijuana with raised levels of THC will give you the “high” that it is infamous for, hemp oil products containing CBD will provide you with the health benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects. For the sake of more information, there are over a hundred different cannabinoids (the plant genus that includes both hemp and marijuana) that have been identified in cannabis by scientists, with cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the most extensively studied and best understood. From those studies, it was discovered that while hemp plants often contain both THC and CBD, reducing or eliminating the THC content in the plant will simultaneously eradicate the feelings of euphoria it produces, while maintaining or increasing the CBD content will help boost its health benefits.

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How can I get it?


Hemp oil products can be purchased from our online store and shipped directly to all 50 states. Contact our customer support team at 480-773-2314 to learn more.